Linux world gets legal

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Linux world gets legal

The issue revolves around an FSMLabs patent for real-time interrupt handling using a software emulation layer for interrupt masking, so that interrupts can be prioritized. The Free Software Foundation claims that Victor Yodaiken, the CEO at FSMLabs, has used the patent to impose restricted terms on distribution of this program.

All zealotry aside, this is quite pathetic on FSMLabs part. IMHO you cant patent the kind of thing that they did. And of course, ZDnet HAD to quote Microsoft in saying: Microsoft executives have, in turn, repeatedly criticized the use of the GPL over the past few months. Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s chief operating officer, recently described Linux as a “cancer that attaches itself in an intellectual property sense to everything it touches. That’s the way the [GPL] license works,” he said. His comments followed similar scathing attacks by senior vice presidents Craig Mundie and Jim Allchin.

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