All you need to know about Wireless Charging

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All you need to know about Wireless Charging

As the technology advances, manufacturers have created devices that can be charged wirelessly. In this case, people are gradually embracing the technology of wireless charging. Also known as inductive charging, wireless charging has been used successfully by the Apple Watch. The wireless consortium has developed a standard known as Qi. This specification allows the transfer of electrical power over a distance of up to 4cm.

How to use of wireless charging

If you want to charge your phone wirelessly, you must ensure that the device supports Qi charging. You will have to buy a Qi charging pad. The price of the charging pad varies depending on the brand. All work in the same way, but the difference is the design and speed of charging. Some brands boast of fast wireless charging while others can be used as a stand for your phone.

Recently, Apple has released iPhones that are compatible with wireless charging. For instance, iPhone 8 and iPhone X work with the certified Qi chargers. However, there are cheaper devices that are not certified. Although they work with Qi-compatible phones, they can cause problems. Just like the case of cheap Apple chargers, uncertified Qi chargers have a short lifespan.

Once you have purchased a Qi charging pad, just plug it in the power socket and place your phone on top. If your phone is Qi enable, it will start to charge immediately.

How to add Qi charging to unsupported phone

How will you charge your phone wirelessly if you don’t have a Qi-enabled smartphone? Fortunately, there is a couple of options that can make wireless charging possible. Although they are not the best choice, they work.

If you have an older iPhone with a lightning port, you can use Mobile Qi charging receiver. This is a viable a cheap option that allows wireless charging on the iPhone.
Although this is not a best-looking accessory, it can provide you with an excellent service. This wireless charger has a lightning connector that features an ultra-thin ribbon cable. In this case, the Qi charger receiver has lighting cable that is plugged into the iPhone during charging.

What about Android users? You may have an Android phone that you want to charge wirelessly, but don’t know how. There is an alternative for charging Android devices that use Micro USB charging port. In this case, there is no need to have a slot for Qi charging receiver on your phone. You just stick the Qi charging receiver to the back of your phone and plug in a Micro USB into the phone. This Qi charger is ultra thin and does not add any weight to your device.

Also, there is a great alternative for wireless charging if you are willing to remove the back cover of your phone. You can use the Qi charging receiver for Android. Plug in a Micro USB cable into your charger and stick the receiver film to the inside of the cover. After this, you reattach the cover back to your phone. If done properly, the phone will start to charge when Qi charger is plugged into the power socket.

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