Data Center Services

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Data Center Services

The rise in digital technology both locally and internationally has enabled internet services such as server hosting to gain a better reputation within most organizations. It is, for this reason, that majority of these companies have decided to relocate a huge fraction of their servers from abroad.

According to a recent report by Nigeria Communications Week, there was 15% increase in the number of private organizations that had relocated over the past year. This number was largely influenced by the improved knowledge of connectivity, increase in the number of server movers, as well as the global content players within Nigeria, just to mention a few.

Muhammed Rudman, Internet Exchange Point of Nigeria (IXPN) Managing Director, noted that the digital exodus by the private companies is currently reflected by a number of factors. Namely:

  • Increase in the activities within existing data centers
  • Launching of new commercial data centers engaging with local currency

Rudman further stated that instead of the local companies going for the big data centers whose financial transaction is based on dollars, companies should sign up for the new data centers for simple Naira payment. And this transaction will be based on no clause of reviewing with a change in forex.

The IXPN M.D also recognized the fact that there has been an increase in web server relocation. This is mainly because of the accurate sensitization that has made it possible for the locals to understand and later on invest in the local option. Most expert server movers would say; the nearer the server, the faster the service – then why not have yours hosted within the country.

Mr. Muhammed hailed the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) for the notable effort the office had done to promote local content. It was because of this dedication that the federal government ministries including agencies have relocated to Galaxy Backbone. This is not only an effective hosting facility but also the safest way of keeping the local traffic confined.

According to Medallion Communications Managing Director, Ike Nnamani, their company – a data center – has experienced an increase in activities in the past twelve months. This, as he says, is mainly attributed to the fact that content providers from around the world are reaching out to Nigeria. Take Google, for example, the multi-billion company has increased its hosting services in the country, and it has been reported that another major global content provider is about to debut in a few weeks’ time. And when this happens the organizations working with the company will also have to relocate.

The C.E.O. Steineng Nigeria Ltd, Engineer Sam Adeleke also raised a critical issue for the data center operators to consider: Multiplicity of location of server, which is the best remedy to use as a backup. The multiplicity of location of server is a situation where most of the hosting companies overseas offer multiple locations for hosting. This, according to server movers prevents downtime in case one of the locations is compromised.

Mr. Adeleke also mentioned about the continuity of the business in Nigeria; as it stands the area is a harsh environment to trade. He then went further to mention that having Galaxy backbone as the only hosting option is perilous. “In as much as it is owned by the government, there is no guarantee that it will not collapse at some day. As the government is not a good businessman”, the engineer concluded.

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