ICT Support Solutions

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ICT Support Solutions

In the ICT sector, we operate through collaboration with other organizations. There is a similarity between the requirements in local governments as well as in the central government. We also work with other buying organizations such as Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation as well as North East Procurement Organisation. With the organizations we work in frameworks such as technological products. Crown commercial service is also among other collaborators. After aggregating all our demands, we then go out to the market as a group. This is essential because it makes it easy for us to get a solution which is the best after taking into consideration our collective terms.


Benefits of your customers in the public sector

When it comes to ICT support in schools, the different schools buy PCs in various ways. For example, the MoD might purchase several thousand at a go but primary schools will not require several at a time. We operate in an Amazon-type solution where schools which need school ICT support can buy just a handful of PCs via a screen. Even though MoD might prefer running a biding system, they buy several at ago. Local governments will buy few at a time. We try to balance so that we can offer both of our customers the best services.

The model works well for generic products which require less space. Things can be different. For example, in the case of PCs and printers, the marketing strategy is different from the strategy we can apply to market certain software. For the case of consultancy, we have our own YPO.

It is surprising to discover something which features in high end market such as consultancy can fit in the PBO model. The framework covers school ICT support and other solutions in the back office scene. For primary schools which don’t know where they can access school ICT support, they can rely on our framework to pick a consultancy which meets their specific needs.


How will ESPO develop from here?
We are constantly looking for new sectors so that we can grow more. Currently, we feature more than 150 frameworks. The more frameworks we lead, the better the service delivery to our customers. We are trying to make the procurement as easy as possible to the public sector. Our efforts will bear fruits due to our collaboration with CCS and YPO. We are also aiming for a new Enterprise resource planning framework.

We offer corporate software solutions framework as well as local authority software applications framework. Our company is now looking for a new framework to cater for the needs of the enterprise solutions. It is evident we are moving out of ICT to aim at things such as HR. DBS checks, learning, development, and training services.

Are you building frameworks dedicated to cater for the needs of the public sector?
Yes, we cater for the procurement of products as well as businesses. If we can solve people’s problems, we are very happy. We receive problems from the local authority, we think into the bigger picture and create framework to solve the problems in several people.



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